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Song Review: "Twisted Tongues" by AFI

AFI just released a new single for the first time since 2018. Their song, “Twisted Tongues”, was released with another single, “Escape From L.A.” as a teaser of their rumored 11th album. Out of the two, “Twisted Tongues” is definitely a fan favorite.

“Twisted Tongues” starts with an ominous and almost Gregorian introduction that leads to the incredible quick drums and guitar. This race of a song provides the backing for lead vocalist, Davey Havok, to introduce the first verse. The verse is very short and discusses watching the world “turn itself backwards”. It then leads into the chorus with the title bearing lyric, “You talk in twisted tongues” There are very few lyrics in this song as it focuses more on the intensity of the drums and guitars with the vocals holding deep pauses between each lyric. The other lyrics talk mainly of a confusion and a sense of not being understood. The singer discusses how he is whispering to the universe and to himself but every response he gets in return sounds like a different language.

This quick and thrash inducing song does hold a level of liveliness with a heavy influence on the drama of the drums and guitars to create a really dark and hauntingly gothic sound. Through the isolation of lyrics raising your attention to the heavy rises and falls of everything surrounding the singer, you are constantly left wanting more. This is definitely a heavy rock song and would be excellent for anyone that wants to rage and just dance everything out. This is a really dynamic piece that is surprising at every turn. I would heavily recommend that everyone listen to it once.

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