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Song Review: "The Moxie" by The Orphan The Poet

Updated: Jan 6

“The Orphan The Poet” is a music duo that I can’t find a lot of information on, besides their music of course. From what I could gather, they are a music duo that deals in alternative/indie rock music. So I listened to their song “The Moxie” with a clean slate of mind; no high expectations and no low expectations to be set.

I suppose the song is attempting to be somewhat psychedelic, as the instrumentation and vocals set a surreal atmosphere, but my main problem is that it doesn’t sound interesting or new to me. It almost sounds like something out of a Gorillaz album without adding anything new.

The lyrics are also about as surreal; references to celebrities like Steve McQueen and Keanu Reeves as they sing about random stuff like surfing on limousines and dancing like Motown dancers from magazines. I’m not sure if there’s some hidden meaning that I’m missing from these lyrics, but even if there was, I can’t say I feel anything besides confusion.

That’s the best way I can sum up this song; confusing. The song is admittedly catchy, but I can’t say for sure whether it left me with any strong emotions after listening to it. There’s always the possibility I’m just living under a rock so I just don’t “get it,” so I’ll at least give the benefit of the doubt there.

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