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Song Review: "Streets" by Doja Cat

Doja Cat released her album, Hot Pink, back in November of 2019 and since then, Doja Cat has been everywhere. She has bounced from interview to interview and as soon as one song is done being talked about, another one charts. Her song, “Say So”, sparked dance after dance on Tik Tok, but recently, her song “Streets”, originally from Hot Pink, has been used in another Tik Tok trend causing it soar to the top.

“Streets” is a lo-fi, R&B song with very muted and slow vocals. She has a heavy, low and slow beat with a bit of high hat and snare to add to the beat of the melody. Influences of electric guitar make the song sound as though it is flowing like running water. This electric and seductive song has a faded chorus that introduces the vocals. Doja Cat sings, “Like you, like you / Like you, ooh / I found it hard to find someone like you / Like you, like you / Send your location, come through”. She then continues by saying that she can’t sleep and believes that her and her person of interest belong together. The melody stays consistent as her other verses discuss the way that she let her lover slip through her fingers. She discusses their rarity and the way that she wasn’t ready for certain changes in the relationship at the time but misses them greatly.

This song is dark and sultry. Her smooth sound and flowing vocals create a haunting melody to accompany the heavy instruments. This song is perfect for those late night drives and people in R&B. Her added rap verses keep with her style but help to add diversity to the pop rap she is known for. This song is very, very good.

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