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Song Review: "Somebody" by Yuno

Coming from an alternative and classic rock background, hardly am I ever exposed to contemporary pop music. For me, listening to this song was pretty different in comparison to anything I would normally listen to. With that in mind, the first thing that really caught my attention was the low bass in the beginning of the song. I actually wish that more artists would experiment with suspended low bass lines in their songs, as it adds a subtle depth to the music without overpowering the sound if mixed properly.

The song seems to introduce and maintain a simple, recognizable beat; but there is a slight reggae quality to it that really makes the beat more interesting and playful. To add on to the reggae sound, the artist chose to implement some heavy, classic sounding guitar riffs over the beat, giving the track its edge.

I was not a huge fan of the vocalist’s considerably whiney tone, though I understand that this vocal technique seems to work well for this style of music. Overall, I found that the combination of sounds gripped my attention, which naturally exceeded the vocals for me as I was listening. The clever mixture of sounds ultimately creates a sense of chaos and stress, especially heading into the chorus, with emphasis on the “now I hate everybody” line.

I really appreciate the album art for this track. The concept of the artist sitting on his bed with a spotlight shining straight into his eyes and revealing his bedroom creates a directly invasive relationship between the viewer and the artist. I have always really admired the representation of bedrooms, as they contain a very private nature and often reveal a lot about a person. In this case, the album art emphasizes the vulnerability of the song and the artist as he sings with his heart on his pink-and-black-striped-sleeve.

Hopefully Yuno realizes he doesn’t need this girl to be happy in his life.

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