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Song Review: "Pill Breaker" by Trippie Redd & Travis Barker ft. Machine Gun Kelly and blackbear

I listened to about 40 seconds of Trippie Redd, Machine Gun Kelly and blackbear’s recent collaboration “Pill Breaker” and I immediately was annoyed by the song.

Everything that annoys me about modern rap is in this song, yet I’m not even sure if the three were going for a rap song. If that wasn’t their intention, then they made a song that sounds like rap with a cliché modern rap beat, auto-tuned vocals and overly-edgy lyrics are the makings of a song I would not like to listen to.

I’m not even sure what else I can say about this song since I can easily sum up why I detest this song after the first 40 seconds. I continued listening to the song in full with the hope that it changes into something better, yet it really doesn’t.

If you like the above characteristics in your music, I would recommend this song. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. That’s as much as I can say about this.

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