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  • Arianna Leathers

Song Review: "More" by Mansionair

To my surprise, I found myself really enjoying this song. I feel like this is one of those short and sweet songs that you could easily play on a loop without feeling overwhelmed by its natural, relaxed ambience. The consistent underlying rhythm keeps the song moving at a bold and steady pace, which is met by a subtle lift through the use of the synths. The percussion is put on hold during the “I want more” verse of the chorus, making the song feel absolutely weightless until the beat kicks back in once again.

Just a few days ago the band made a statement about the song’s interpretation of the Diderot Theory. Denis Diderot was a philosopher and scientific theorist during the Enlightenment who made the connection between the newest trends and radical ideas like materialism. The Diderot effect then refers to the spiral of consumerism, as people continuously seek “the next best thing”.

The band emphasized that the philosopher was given a velvet robe, which ultimately triggered him to replace all of his poor belongings with new, fancy objects. Of course, Mansionair is not concerned with “more” fancy objects, but rather a way of life where priorities exceed the shallow and constant obsession over such material objects.

After listening to the song, the video was as equally appealing to watch, which further emphasizes the band’s outcry against the extrinsic value of material possessions in consumeristic societies. In a nutshell, the main character of the video leaves his familiar surroundings to join a small group of people who are segregated from the rest of monetary society.

Away from consumerism, the group develops a focus toward our primal sense of community and connection with nature. The music video also mimics a two-color scheme, with green shades to represent ambition, greed and jealousy, and purple, worn by the cult of outsiders to symbolize their independence, wisdom and creativity. Collectively, the music and the video make for an existential art piece.

Kudos Mansionair, I believe we all want more.

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