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Song Review: "Molasses (Walk That Walk)" by Dylan Cartlidge

Dylan Cartlidge just released his first song of 2021 recently entitled, “Molasses (Walk That Walk)” and it’s Outkast style sound is fun and intriguing.

“Molasses (Walk That Walk)” opens with the chorus of “talk that walk, better walk that walk”. These lyrics repeat several times and then lead into the first verse. I’m gonna be honest, I can’t determine what he is saying in the verses and cannot find the lyrics online so there is not much for me to remark on for the lyrics. However, from what I have deciphered, he seems very annoyed with people fronting a big game and then not delivering the evidence for their ego. Cartlidge uses a very heavy base line that seems almost like it is skipping and the steady sound of clapping hands to keep the tempo of the song and provide the backing beat. A very deep bass guitar hints in the background and adds an influence of rigidity to the song.

Overall, this song is very edgy and very busy but it works. The chorus bombards a little but the relaxed and consistent, toned down sound of the verses and parts of the chorus creates a song that skirts the line of too much. “Molasses (Walk That Walk)” is quite good and very interesting to listen to when mixed in with other songs. This 2 minute and 46 second song is the perfect duration to keep it from getting over played. This song would be good for anyone into groovy rock and edgier hip hop.

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