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Song Review: "Meaningless" by Charlotte Cardin

Updated: Jan 6

Charlotte Cardin has been releasing numerous singles throughout the past 2 years. Her last EP, Main Girl, was released back in 2016. However she just released her newest EP, Phoenix, earlier this week containing her 3 most recent singles. One of them being the song “Meaningless”.

“Meaningless” starts slowly with a strumming guitar and the lyrics, “I hear your voice / but it never quite fills the void”. The song then begins to pick up by the end of the first verse as she adds some claps to lead the tempo of the song. “Meaningless” then builds during the pre chorus isolating her vocals with the accompaniment of a piano in the background. She uses the volume of her voice to add to the dynamism and drama of the song leading to a large crescendo of the music into a pause and drop of the chorus’ melody. In the chorus she sings, “I don’t want to live a meaningless / life without you”. Her song’s lyrics describe how she enjoys the excitement of relationships filled with passion even if it means things aren’t perfect. Her line, "I'm tired of good boys sleeping on my chest / You wanna rip my heart out, baby, be my guest” describes this perfectly. The song cycles between the more relaxed melody with powerful vocals and a built up chorus.

This song is definitely one of Cardin’s more powerful pieces. She really goes for it with the vocals and it allows the emotion of the song to come through. It is very similar to her song, “Paradise Motion” with the way that it builds but is perfect in the EP because it offsets the gentle vocals of the other 2 songs. This song would be great for people that like powerful pop music similar to Adele’s style.

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