• Kelly Jones

Song Review: "Love Looks Better" by Alicia Keys

If you're a fan of the beautiful voice of Alicia Keys, you're going to love her newest song, "Love Looks Better".

"Love Looks Better" is a beautiful love song about finding someone to give your love to. It's a simple but wonderful song about only needing someone for them, to love them, no strings attached. The song starts with piano which is what she's known for. As the piano continues, its mixed in with synth to give it that modern feel, but always goes back to the piano to give it a level of elegance that makes this song so uplifting. Plus, you have Alicia's wonderful to vibe out to. Again, if you're a fan of Alicia Keys, you'll love this song. Even if you don't like love songs, you'll still like this one, just to chill out to.


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