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Song Review: "Look Alive" by Black Pistol Fire

Updated: Jan 6

This song, with its rock influence, is an alternative track that the fans will be obsessed with. This song comes as a single from Black Pistol Fire after the release of their album of the same name, “Look Alive.” In my opinion, it can sometimes be risky to name a song the same as the album because if an audience does not like the title track, it may turn them off from listening to the rest of the album. This most definitely is not the case with “Look Alive.” It is a good song to turn on when you want music on in the background that you can jam out to but not have to think to hard about a message being thrown at you. The rock influence on this song makes it the perfect balance to reach an audience of both alternative and rock listeners due to both genres contrasting themselves perfectly. Overall, this song is one that will be a staple in Black Pistol Fire’s discography.

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