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Song Review: "Limelight" by CatchTwentyTwo

Musical artist CatchTwentyTwo released a new single last week titled “Limelight,” which is said by some to have an 80s-type vibe throughout the song. I don’t know if I can hear that vibe, but I will admit it is a nice song.

There really isn’t much to say about the song; it is a slow song that has both catchy instrumentation and vocals, but also a relaxing and mellow tone throughout the song.

The lyrics are repetitive, but in a similar way that the Ohio Players lyrics are repetitive on “Love Rollercoaster;” they do repeat the words, but the instrumentation is interesting throughout the song which helps compliment the lyrics, which makes you forgive the repetition.

It honestly feels refreshing hearing repetition in a song done correctly as opposed to using it as a dodge against being clever. Overall, although this isn’t the best song I’ve heard, it is still a song I recommend just for how relaxing and refreshing it sounds.

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