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Song Review: "In The End" by Tommee Profitt ft. Fleurie

The song is titled “In The End” by Tommee Profitt, featuring young and up incoming artist Fleurie. Tommie Profitt has been making and releasing songs on all platforms as early as 2014. Some of his oldest work did not even consist of him performing on the tracks, but rather him just producing beats. He has made and released 8 albums on Spotify, one being a collaboration album with Fleurie back in 2019.

The song ‘In The End’ entails the protagonist, in this case Tommee having to talk about his struggles of battling his own demons and how he is afraid to lose it all in the end. The song starts out with Fleurie singing in an awfully slow, saddening, yet melodic tone. She talks about how hard she pushed herself to get to the place she is at now, but she believes that it was all for nothing. They go on to talk about how they were once at the lowest point in their life, but something told them to keep going no matter how hard life was for them. Tommee’s first verse is a little depressing as he talks about the fact that there may be no real reason to live. Throughout the song and after the second hook, by Fleurie the beat slowly cuts out. For Tommee’s second verse the base suddenly has an extreme drop as the song went from depressing to morally uplifting. His second verse talks about time, and how it can be so valuable; but it could also be your worst enemy. He later ends his verse saying that no matter what you always need to keep trying. The song then ends with the final hook by Fleurie. After that, the beat fades away, indicating the song has officially ended.

My overall thoughts of the song were that it could be so inspiring and motivating to people who feel like there is no purpose, for those who feel there is not much left for them. This song can help people get back up and try again. This was definitely a song that had an amazing message portrayed that no matter how hard life hits you, you should always get back up as there will forever be light at the end of the tunnel. I definitely recommend you give this song a listen!

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