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Song Review: "Homesick" by Veronika

Veronika is a very, very new artist. She did not start releasing music until this past year. Her debut single So Many Lies released in September of 2020. With the song already having over 50,000 plays, Veronika thought it was time to release her second single.

In her new song titled “Homesick” the artist describes how she keeps running from her problems, ultimately just to end back where she started. The singer talks about how she feels she is in a never-ending cycle, of disappointment. But the one thing she says she will never give up on is hope, as it has been a huge motivation for her to continue to keep pushing towards her end goal. She explains how her feeling homesick has given her a feeling of isolation. She emphasizes how she needs to dig deep and find who she truly is. What I hear in the song is she keeps running to find that ‘ideal home’ for her and that inevitably is not there for her.

While she does not have that many songs on Spotify, her angelic and melodic voice spoke to me in ways other songs do not. As being in college I tend to get homesick often and feel like there is no escape at times. She is a gifted and talented artist with a gift of both songwriting and singing abilities. I would definitely recommend a listen and I know this will not be the last song I listen to for hers. Be prepared, she will be a star soon!

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