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Song Review: "Help Herself" by bbno$ and Diamond Pistols

Updated: Jan 6

bbno$ and Diamond Pistols collaborated recently to make a song called “help herself” and I am very impressed with how wonderfully the song was crafted between the two of them.

The song excels at somehow being a very upbeat song to bop your head to while also conveying a somber message. The instrumentation is very quick and fun to listen to while bbno$’s vocals match the quick music backing the song.

While his vocals match the quick music, bbno$ sounds tired, making the song both somber and catchy. The lyrics also make the song a bit more depressing, with bbno$ singing about going through bad relationships and how it’s his fault that they don’t go right, which can be relatable.

Overall, I’m emotionally puzzled, which is probably what the song was trying to go for; I had a lot of fun listening to the song, but the song also leaves me with negative emotions (in a good way, if that makes any sense). I highly recommend this song for the crowd that likes fun, quick music and for the crowd that likes somber, meaningful music.

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