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Song Review - "Greedy", Tate McRae

Updated: Jan 9

On Friday, September 15th, Tate Mcrae dropped her new single called “Greedy”. Greedy is said to be her lead single off of her upcoming sophomore album. This would follow her debut album called “I Used to Think I Could Fly”.

Tate Mcrae is a 20-year-old singer, dancer, and songwriter. She is from Calgary, Canada. At a young age, she started dancing with competitive dance teams. Mcrae then started posting original songs on social media. She gained followers quickly by doing this. Her breakthrough single in 2020 called “You Broke Me First”, led her to popstar fame.

Since August 2023, snippets of the single leaked by Mcrae herself have gone viral on social media apps. These apps include TikTok and Instagram. Fans immediately started reposting videos of the snippet on social media. The song went viral for over a month before its release date.

Since the single’s release, “Greedy” has already climbed the charts. Within one week of its release, it has already become her first top 10 on the Global Spotify Chart. This song has become one of the fastest of hers to do so. She is currently promoting the single on her “Are We Flying Yet” tour. In just a week “Greedy” has been successful, and has a chance to become one of her biggest singles yet.

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