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Song Review: "Good Days" by SZA

SZA has been everywhere these past couple of years since the release of her last album, CTRL back in 2017. Her features with Kendrick Lamar and Rhianna have brought her to everyone’s attention and since then, we have been wanting more and more from her. After her single, “Hit Different”, released back in September of 2020, fans got excited to hear new music from her. Just 3 months later she released the chart topping single, “Good Days”.

“Good Days”, has a relaxed and refreshing R&B sound. The song starts with a slow fade and grows into a fuller but almost shadowed sound that makes the melody sound slightly distant behind the vocals. It’s gentle and almost galactic acoustic guitar provides the intricate elements of the melody. The drums are slow and soft allowing the guitar to highlight SZA's angelic vocals. She begins the first verse by singing, “Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out”. The verse speaks of a good day filled with fresh air and a new start but then continues her verse with the mention of intrusive thoughts on her ex clouding the “good day” she is trying to appreciate. She then flows into the chorus and discusses how she, “Got me a war in my mind / Gotta let go of weight, can't keep what's holding me”. The chorus is quite seamless and the song is consistent in its sound with the addition of a choir repeating, “Good day”, in the background when SZA sings, “Good days, good days in my mind”, at the end of the chorus.

SZA brings us through a journey of healing and learning to appreciate the good days without focusing on the slight remembrances of the bad ones. She reminds us to not let the negative bring us down.

This song is perfectly fitting for SZA’s chilled out and heartfelt style. This song is exactly what you need for those early Sunday mornings and for when you need to remember the positives. Anyone that likes R&B would love this and people into a lo-fi sound would be into this too. It’s excellent.

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