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  • Arianna Leathers

Song Review: "Gone!" by Rightfield

Updated: Jan 6

When things start to complicate and life begins to feel overwhelming, it is important to remind yourself not to take life so seriously and to at least try and enjoy the precious moments that you are granted. In essence, the uplifting sound of “Gone!” by Rightfield does just that.

I would classify Rightfield’s sound as a modern, simplified version of 80s synth dance pop; catchy and fun to say the very least. And with a consistent beat and an instantly appealing melody, I cannot help but label this a drive-with-your-windows-down-at-the-beach type of track. The vocalist is soft and casual, and since the words are easy to follow and sing along to, the listeners and their friends are seamlessly prompted to come join the party.

While there is a lot of uplifting space produced by an echo and reverb that is applied to the vocals periodically, the remaining sounds are granted the freedom to tease one another. Packed with plenty of synths, the musical elements feel very playful and unified, undoubtedly borrowed from the 80s. Adding a sense of flare, the track also drops the underlying bassline on two occasions, to isolate the vocals and guitar. Once the two parts complete their shared moments of glory, the bass then fades and twists back up, creating an extremely fun and unique sound. Similarly, both the intro and outro capture a washed-out version of the tune, as if someone were playing the song from a cassette tape in the near distance.

Rightfield was also sure to compliment the sound of harmless fun through the production of a quirky music video. With vibrant, 80s-inducing color tones, the feelings of liberation which are produced by the sound are identically translated through the video. Freedom is visually portrayed by the flow of camera and light motions, which capture the movement of the bandmates who are carelessly dancing themselves. Even more so than the sound, the video is extremely minimal, with hardly any props or added set design. Simple and effective, the video is essentially a testimony of good time; two friends dancing and jamming out in an empty room.

So next time you start to feel yourself becoming overwhelmed, make sure you turn up the tunes and dance a little, and never be afraid to express your quirky self

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