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Song Review: "Girl From Rio" by Anitta

Updated: Jan 6

Introducing: hot elevator pop music during the 21st century.

No, but seriously, there is something about the relationship between the playful piano and the whimsical little flute in “Girl from Rio” that suggests a musical element that you would find in elevator music. But this elevator was not simply meant for you to stand and patiently wait inside, it was intended for you to dance the salsa in.

I didn’t have expectations for what the vocalist was going to sound like diving into the song, and I must admit that I enjoyed the naturally elegant attitude of this woman. I imagine she was once a carefree, happy little girl who found joy playing in the sunshine on the beaches of Rio; who is now a successful, grown woman owning the city she grew up in. I specifically envision a bad ass lady with loud lipstick and sunglasses that make a statement on their own. A woman is fueled by her confidence and comfort in Being, which allows her to flourish and conquer her environment.

The beat was initially unexpected, but to my surprise it marries the playful, warm piano tone very well. Simple, but effective is often the way to go. I also couldn’t help but recognize the bass, which was rhythmic by nature. Not everyone takes advantage of the opportunities found in heavy, low bass lines, which makes room for spatial contrast.

The melody of the chorus provides the song with ultimate flare, a tune that is simply catchy by design. Even the play on words using triple repetition, “I got it…I love it…I’m lucky”, develops an explorative sense of confidence that the listener is invited to reciprocate and carry along with them. To further emphasize the liberation of this independent attitude, the backup vocals develop a response to the main line, which creates interest. The mock on dialogue helps guide the reaction of the audience that they too can feel just as empowered.

Overall, I think “Girl from Rio” is a call for us to explore the gratitude of what we have been blessed with, while embracing the individual that we have become during our own progression through life. Remember your roots, and take pride in the life that you cultivate for yourself, today

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