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Song Review: "Games" by Tessa Violet ft. lovelytheband

I recently listened to the song “Games” by Tessa Violet. I thought it was a very enjoyable song to listen to. The instrumentation is catchy, the lyrics and vocals match perfectly and flow throughout the song and, overall, I consider it to be a fun song to listen to.

However, I quickly realized that’s not the version of the song that was just released; the original was released in 2019. Violet released a new version of the song featuring lovelytheband. I assume that she wanted to do a version with them as a collaboration, otherwise it wouldn’t have made sense to do it.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the song; sure the lyrics are basic and are about a past relationship with a partner who played mind games constantly, but the lyrics match with the vocals perfectly as it flows through the song. I especially enjoy how her vocals dip during the end of each chorus (“Boy, you really oughta knock it *off* right now).

At first, the song faltered at the beginning; I didn’t like how the vocals kept getting cut off too quickly leading to silence for a second. It felt awkward, but the song picked up once it reached the chorus. Besides, you still get that cool bass line throughout the song that reminds me of “O Green World” by the Gorillaz.

Now how does lovelytheband fit into this version of the song? Do they add anything new? Not at all. Everything more or less sounds the same as the previous version, the only difference is Mitchy Collins interjects at certain points to sing some of the lyrics. I fail to see how impressive this is.

So anyway, I really enjoyed the song and I highly recommend it, but if you’re looking to see how lovelytheband factors into this equation, you are not going to be that impressed.

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