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Song Review: "Fantastic" by Blame My Youth

Blame My Youth has been coming out with several singles in the past couple of months. “Fantastic” is the one that has been topping the charts. Originally released in September of 2020, “Fantastic” is an edgy song that speaks heavily on the effects of highs.

The song sucks us into a dark and heavy drum beat with some electric guitar. With his first verse, the singer tells us that he’s kind of a mess. He sings of “rum rings on a self help book” and “wrong combinations of the right pills”. He then narrows the melody of the song to sing, “no s**t I just woke up like this” in an edgy radio filtered voice. This opens the song back up to a very lively and loud chorus filled with steady, hard hitting drums and heavily strummed guitars. The singer yells about how glad he is that he finally feels good from the high he got and that he’s “okay, okay, okay, okay, okay”. He then reverts the song back to its original and simple rock melody to isolate the second verse that then leads into the last chorus, ending the song.

The verses speak of him when he’s having his lows after the highs and the choruses speak of how he feels when he’s high. The song’s dynamic reflects that with it transitioning from simple and slow to hard and energetic. This heavy rock song would be excellent for anyone into that genre and this song in particular is very reminiscent of Panic! At The Disco’s sound and would be good for fans of them.

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