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Song Review: "Echoing" by Kings of Leon

Updated: Jan 6

Kings of Leon, a few months back, released a song titled “Echoing.” This is a song that I think was simple at first, but gradually thought it was emotionally effective.

What caught my ear first was how the song sounded; both the instrumentation and vocal effects. Both of these aspects help give the song a melancholy vibe to it. The instrumentation is soft-rock, yet it’s pacing is a little slowed down, but not too slow to where the song is depressing; it’s a light pace that creates a somber tone while the vocals have an echo effect that really sells the tone the song is trying to go for.

The lyrics are also pretty enjoyable; they almost remind me of Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” but not in the way it’s a rip-off. Whereas “Living on a Prayer” was about a couple physically (and financially) stuck in a poor state, “Echoing” is more about the couple’s mental state while also not being direct about the song’s story like Bon Jovi was.

It isn’t at all a complex or innovative song, though it’s not trying to be. It’s just a short, somber song that does it’s job well at evoking melancholic emotions about being in a bad state of mind. I would’ve preferred if the song went on and explored these themes more, though it is just 3 minutes and I can’t fault a song for me asking more

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