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Song Review: "CoDA" by Dead Poet Society.

Dead poet society recently released a new single this week. Their heavy rock influenced, alt track “CoDA” has been a chart favorite and it has quickly become a favorite of mine as well.

“CoDA begins with a classic rock guitar solo that leads to a quick drum crescendo opening the song to the continuous running guitar and the hard hit drums. As the vocals are introduced, the instruments stop to give your full attention to the opening lines, “Right babe you listen, I’m done yeah, I’m leaving” and “I’m getting weak feeling tweaked out and faded”. As it gets deeper into the verse tapping drum sticks build each verse adding more and more to the melody behind the vocals until the quick and melodic pre chorus. The chorus had a huge industrial sound provided by the low whammy of the bass guitar. And the cycle continues with a start and stop of 2 lines, the rest of the verse, and then the build to the chorus.

The vocalist sings about a girl that he has an on and off relationship with. He tells the girl, “talk sh*t babe say it like you wanna leave” and “you don’t love me darling” but counters it with a “I don’t love you darling”. He describes how he loves the feelings he has when he’s with her but feels like she treats it like a temporary fix. He describes it best when he says, “you love me like cocaine”. The singer is hurt but wants to convey the feeling that he doesn’t need her even if he does enjoy her company.

The song is very hard and aggressive but it’s why I love it. Like, it’s so much. Talking from experience, it’s a really good song to run to and scream sing when you’re pissed. I would highly recommend it to anyone with internal angst or people that really like Alt rock.

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