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Song Review: "Close To You" by Dayglow

Dayglow just released his first single in almost 2 years and it’s incredible. “Close to You” was released mid January and I have not been able to get it out of my head since.

This upbeat and energetic song starts with a pretty lively introduction. The retro and perfectly electric notes of a synthesized piano lead the melody while the heavy hit of a dampened high hat leads the tempo. A few added instruments including a slight bit of cowbell make the whole melody impossible not to dance to. The melody narrows to just the drums and piano as the singer opens his first verse with “I saw you looking for the side door / You didn’t want to stick around for / the rest of the night / I guess that’s alright” talking about how he was looking forward to seeing this person of interest but unfortunately they left before he could even be with them. He then continues on to the pre-chorus changing the dynamic to just the piano and making an almost galactic and drawn out sound as he asks “Tell me for once / what that even means / I wanna know you”. The song then opens up again to the chorus where the song has the most energy and sings, “Wish I would've told you but you just don't seem / To wonder what I'm doin' when you're close to me” and “I think it over and it might be true / I'm only overthinking when I'm close to you”. The song cycles back through its verse, pre-chorus, and chorus and then slowly fades out as it isolates the piano while the singer repeats “I’m only overthinking when I’m close to you”.

If you couldn’t tell, I love this song and you should too because it’s amazing, really. Everyone needs to hear it because I cannot be the only one always singing the infectious chorus. If you liked dayglow’s previous hit, “Can I Call You Tonight” you will fall in love with this song too.

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