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Song Review: "Bad Girl" by Daya

Updated: Jan 6

This month, Daya released some new music with her single, “Bad Girl”.

The song’s beat is super catchy, and Daya has a beautiful voice. I will say, however, that it sounds like a lot of other pop songs out there.

Even if the song sounds like a carbon copy of another female pop singer, it does send a positive message to listeners. The song was written based on Daya’s decision to publicly come out as bisexual. She sings “I need a bad girl…because bad boys just don’t cut it”.

Members of the LGBTQ+ community can relate to a song like this. Daya sings that nothing she does is right, “even though I know just what I like”. Sadly, we still live in a world where some people feel that even if they embrace who they are, that it’s not right or that they will disappoint people. Love is love, y’all; love yourselves!

The song is described as “a breath of fresh air”, and Daya has even commented that “bad girl” doesn’t just apply to her personal life. Many listeners have also interpreted the phrase “bad girl” as being a “problem child”, or just a girl who is confident in herself and her appearance.

While it is repetitive, “Bad Girl” by Daya could be the next power anthem for LGBTQ+ folks everywhere, and I look forward to see how it will do on the charts.

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