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  • Russell Ksiez

Song Review: "1 Last Cigarette" by The Band Camino

Updated: Jan 6

The Band CAMINO is an alternative rock band that continues to carry the early 2000s era into every record they make. The band that consists of Jeffery Jordan (lead singer), Spencer Stewart (guitar), Graham Rowell (bass), and Garrison Burgess (drums) has been together and started releasing music on Spotify as early as 2016.

In this song, they entail the struggles of addiction. They open the song with the lead singer talking about how he is now ashamed to look into the mirror to see who he has become. He explains how his partying and excessive drinking got him to where he is now. No money, no friends and eventually lost all hope and happiness. He later explains in the second verse how he wishes and wants to stop his actions. He is showing signs of improvement and urges to get better. He later explains how he wants to see someone, like a professional to help him work out his problems and addictions that caused him to go into a spiral. The chorus entails how he loses everything, and he wants to do better, but after he has his one last cigarette. What I hear from that is he cannot do it by himself, and him telling himself he will have one last cigarette has probably been an ongoing cycle. The third verse starts with an amazing guitar solo and he explains how he is continuing to lose everything.

While this song is more on the depressive side of an important message, I still believe it is a good one. It shows that people with addiction need help, but they will not get the help they need until they can admit they have a problem. While this music is not really my style it still portrays an amazing message. I would definitely give it a listen!

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