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Second-period offensive explosion propels Brockport

Updated: Feb 12

By: Brayden Peters

Nick Serafin celebrates his goal with his team. (Photo Credit: Kaite Wilson/Brockport Athletics)

FREDONIA, N.Y. - Brockport went back and forth with Fredonia State and came out on top, 4-2. It was a much-needed win for the Golden Eagles, as they now have the fifth seed in the SUNYAC playoffs. This came after Buffalo State, who had the fifth seed initially, fell to Geneseo 2-1. 


Both teams’ offenses were active in the first period. Brockport and Fredonia State created multiple scoring chances in the first half of the period. However, Brockport’s Dylan Wiemer and Fredonia State’s Logan Dyck were in the zone, making amazing saves left and right. 


The Blue Devils were able to break the bank first, with Brendan Dempsey scoring seconds after a Blue Devils’ power play expired. Although the Blue Devils looked like they were about to start rolling, Brockport’s defense tightened up in the back half of the first period. They had great success clearing the puck out of their defensive zone and forced plenty of turnovers. Brockport captain Connor Galloway, though, wanted his teammates to apply more pressure offensively going into the next period. 


“Obviously, we got to get pucks to the net,” Galloway said. “Sometimes we are too perimeter, but as long as we are attacking the net…we will be successful.” 


Josh Grund surveys the ice for passing options. (Photo Credit: Liv Metz/Brockport Athletics)

The way things played out in the second period was unexpected. Not even two minutes in, Brockport’s Chase Maxwell deflected a shot into the net to tie the game. Not long after, Serafin scored a wrist shot off a rebound given up by Dyck. The Golden Eagles looked fired up and stole all the momentum from Fredonia State. 


Brockport wasn’t done scoring yet. Spencer Flansburg buried one past Dyck to give the Golden Eagles a 3-1 lead.  


Brockport’s offense looked like they found a groove, exploiting the Blue Devils’ defensive miscues. Not only that, but Wiemer shut out Fredonia in the second. Although they continued to apply offensive pressure, they could not find a way to get a shot past Wiemer. Serafin hoped that Brockport would continue to keep their foot on the gas pedal in the third period. 


Maxwell turns around to search for the puck. (Photo Credit: Liv Metz/Brockport Athletics)

“I think the most important thing is…making sure nobody is cheating for more goals,” Serafin said. “We have a little bit of a cushion right now and I feel like some teams can sit back and be like, ‘Okay, we are set.’ I think we need to continue to step on their throat and keep pushing, not giving them any room to breathe.” 


Fredonia State, though, was able to find some life in the third period offensively. With nearly five minutes left in the period, Johnny Malandruccolo scored a wrist shot to cut the lead to one. The clutch goal rejuvenated the fans and the team completely. However, this would be the last goal the Blue Devils would score for the game. 


Brockport put the nail in the coffin with a Galloway empty netter. The win was monumental for Brockport, which satisfied head coach Brian Dickinson. 


Galloway feeds the pass to a teammate. (Photo Credit: Liv Metz/Brockport Athletics)

"It makes the week meaningful,” Dickinson said. “I told the boys, ‘We’ll enjoy it no doubt, but Monday we get back to work.’” 


The Golden Eagles will play their final game of the regular season on the road against Morrisville State. Dickinson feels good about his team playing away at the IcePlex. 


“I feel like we are a better road team than home team,” Dickinson said. “I don’t know what it is…It’s just a different mindset.” 


The Golden Eagles will play the Mustangs on Saturday at 7 p.m. If Brockport wins, they are in the playoffs. If they don’t, Buffalo State and Fredonia will decide the Golden Eagles’ fate. 

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1 Comment

It will be great if Golden Eagles can duplicate their win over SUNY Morrisville earlier this season winning 8-2. Get the win and you’re in! Let’s go Brockport!

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