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Rangers outlast Churchville-Chili

By: Dylan O’Loughlin

Spencerport played host to Churchville-Chili Wednesday night in a Class Double-A matchup. The Rangers ultimately prevailed as they defeated the Saints 1-0 in a highly defensive game.

The first and only goal of the game was scored by sophomore Emily Peacock as she was blazing right out of the gates scoring in the first two minutes on a cross for Alena Solano.

“Really had to start off strong after getting pulled to overtime for the last couple games. So we really just want to get it started early. We moved it well on the back, we got it out and then got a perfect ball and it just worked out,” Peacock said.

That would be all the scoring as a defensive battle ensured from there.

“You know, defensively we wanted to press early up front. Our forwards press and not give them time and space and let them connect a few passes to win the midfield and hopefully give them many opportunities,” Spencerport Head Coach Jamie Schneider said.

The Rangers did just that, controlling possession for most of the game. When they didn’t have possession, Spencerport goalie Cate Burns made key saves to prevent the Saints from tying, like she has been doing all season on her way to the sixth shutout of the season for Spencerport.

After this victory, the Rangers improve to 6-0 on the season. On the other side, Churchville-Chili falls to 1-3-1 on the season.

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1 Comment

Peter Wilkins
Peter Wilkins
Sep 14, 2023

The next Skip Bayless' first article 😳

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