• kjone12

"Pony" by Rex Orange County

Alexander O’Connor, better recognized by his stage name Rex Orange County, is an English singer songwriter known for his songs “Loving is Easy” and “Sunflower.” The alternative pop musician has developed his own personal style in his discography, and fans will appreciate the way he maintains it in the 10 tracks on “Pony.” O’Connor stays true to his calm indie style in all the tracks on his new album. “Pony” opens with “10/10,” a song fans may already know because the official music video was released in September. The buoyant beat masks the dismal lyrics, drawing the listener in with O’Connor’s identifiable voice and a catchy rhythm, which will have the audience hooked until the bitter end. O’Connor’s voice is incredibly sweet, and he really knows how to make songs addictive. You can’t get them out of your head, so you just have to listen to them over and over again. The most addictive track on the album in my opinion is “Always”. It’s a bit of a slower laid-back vibe but it’s the perfect song to sit and relax to. Part of O’Connor’s signature style is that he loves to incorporate jazz instrument into his songs and it always bring a calming vibe to the table. “Laser Lights” is one of those songs with more jazz influence. Normally when O’Connor performs, he is behind a piano or a guitar, so its very refreshing to see him experiment with different kinds of instruments for his music. “Pony” is filled with emotional lyrics, sometimes vague and sometimes more personal. The fifth track, “Stressed Out,” is the shortest one on the album, only one minute and 46 seconds long. However, the musician quickly packs a punch. The lyrics “They wanna lie and still be friends but when you’re at your worst, they’re not there, and you discovered that they don’t care” are simple but well thought out lyrics that dive into his experience with toxic people who took advantage of him. “Pluto Projector” is the most popular song on the new album at the moment, and fans are going crazy over his ability to make his songs so personal with layered vocals and creative song writing. Combined with some beautiful harmonies and instruments, “Pluto Projector,” is a unique work of art. In the first verse of the song, Rex wonders if he is truly enough for his partner. He is the protector of his girlfriend, but he wonders if it all that is needed to keep this love alive? O’Connor has worked so hard to make this album a reality and we all can’t wait to see how far “Pony” will take him. Rating: 4/5

-By: Alexis Holleran