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"One Right Now" by Post Malone & The Weeknd - Review

Updated: Jan 9

Need a song about a rough relationship that is chill enough to vibe to? Well, “One Right Now” by Post Malone and The Weeknd might be the song for you.

This song takes a new direction on mixing the genres of rap and R&B to create this great song. In this song there is a combination of a great bass line and a simple beat to create a very catchy tune for both Malone and The Weeknd to harmonize on.

This song has a great balance of melody from both artists, so not only The Weeknd but, Post Malone as well. Post Malone has a great voice on this track, and he throws in some rap as well.

This song is a soon to be hit and creates variety from the upbeat and loud music we’ve been getting from both artists lately.

If you like Post Malone or The Weeknd, I would recommend you giving this song a listen.

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