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Song Review: "Ok Not To Be Ok" Marshmello ft. Demi Lovato

“Ok Not To Be Ok” was extremely disappointing. With such an important message of validating your feelings in the moment and Demi Lovato’s incredible vocals, I expected a lot more out of the song.

Unfortunately, the entire song is very forgettable and I think it’s because it has such a generic sound. The mellow and isolated introduction followed by a slow fade into an upbeat and bass backed chorus is Marshmello’s trademark but it’s also entirely too predictable. With songs like “Happier” and “Silence”, “Ok Not To Be Ok” seems like another remix of the same song.

On a happier note, the lyrics of the song were very good. Lyrics reminding you not to “get lost in the moment / or give up when your closest / all you need is somebody to say / It’s ok not to be ok.” allowed the audience to be reminded of perspective in times of sadness and even though renditions of this have been stated in previous Marshmello songs, it is still an important message to include. The inclusion of Demi Lovato is also incredibly fitting due to her amazing vocals and her advocacy of mental health.

All in all, this song was strategically written. The generic sound of this song is nothing special but it would be incredibly easy to market to a broad audience and especially a younger audience. This is perfect because Marshmello is able to spread his message of it being ok to not be ok to the audience who probably needs it the most, which are adolescents.


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