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"Oh Na Na" by Camila Cabello - Review

Updated: Jan 9

By Olissa Bruce / Music Department

Camila Cabello has teamed up with Puerto Rican producer Tainy, and Puerto Rican singer Myke Towers to create a new Latin hit for Cabello’s upcoming album, Familia.

This song does great with combining both English and Spanish, making it a great song for both English and Spanish Speakers.

This song takes inspiration from Cuban and Puerto Rican Music and combines them perfectly. Both Camilla and Towers do great rapping on this song, and it goes so well with the beat. The tempo of this song makes it a great song to not only listen to but, also to dance to.

This song overall is great for not only for fans of Camilla in the United States but, is currently receiving love from many listeners in Latin America!

I would definitely recommend this song if you love Latin Music.

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