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Oakfield-Alabama take down Wheatland-Chili in close game 55-43

OAKFIELD, N.Y.--- It was a rocky start for Oakfield-Alabama at home against Wheatland-Chili with Players like Brendan Moore and Aaron Lund Dominating throughout the night, especially in the first quarter but then Oakfield-Alabama started to come back led by senior captain Travis Wiedrich and they ended the first half tied 28-28.

The second half was dominated by two impressive Juniors, Forwards Kaden Cusmano and Gaige Armbrewster who finished the night with 16 points a piece. but that wasn't without a fight from players like Brendan and Aaron finishing the night with 18 and 14 points respectively. Overall it was a good win for Oakfield-Alabama who move up to 3-1 on the season while Wheatland-Chili fall to 2-2.

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