• Angela Gagnon

Music Reviews with Angela: Kennyhoopla and MAX


From the beginning of the song, "Lost Cause by Kennyhoopla featuring featuring GRANDSON gives the listener incredible chill vibes. The steady drumbeat and slow electric guitar together create a unique sound that ultimately contrasts its lyrics.

His auto-tuned voice in the song explains a kid that is viewed as a lost cause by others due to the type of person he is. People don’t want him around, which causes him paranoia.

Although I enjoy the beat and vibes of the song, this wouldn’t be my go-to song to listen to and I would rate it a 6/10 due to its tone and mood. I’ve never listened to a lot of indie rock, but by listening to lost cause, it has intrigued me to discover more indie rock. I feel that a lot of teens and young adults may relate to this due to themselves trying to figure out who they are in the world.  

For those that like indie pop, this is for sure a song to listen to!


"Blueberry Eyes" by MAX featuring Suga from BTS is for sure a sweet song (no pun intended).

It starts off with a jazzy keyboard with light singing which explains how he looks forward to kissing his girl and getting lost in her blueberry eyes. This song is definitely right up my alley, I’m a sucker for love songs that are cute and show young, innocent love.

"Blueberry Eyes" is a great song to listen to with the windows down in your car on a Sunday morning with your significant other. Although I never listened to BTS, I feel that Suga’s passionate rapping is a great change in the song along with the quite background music.

I would definitely rate this song a 8.5/10 for lyrics, instrumental, harmonies, and I can keep going. For sure give this song a listen, you won’t regret it!


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