• Kathleen Maurer

Music Review: Machine Gun Kelly's "My Ex's Best Friend"

Machine Gun Kelly recently released the single “My Ex's Best Friend”, discussing his immoral attraction to his ex's best friend.

He opens the song with a classic rock guitar solo that accompanies his first verse. This leads to a slow build resulting in an upbeat and laid back chorus with Kelly stating "I never fall in love/But I can't get enough of it" this is then followed by his second verse trying to validate his attraction to his ex's best friend. Featured rapper, blackbear, adds in with a featured verse that transforms the song from a laid back rock song to a slowed hip hop beat. Afterwards, the song then returns to the original tempo and beat.

This song is very in line for Machine Gun Kelly and has an easy beat for people to follow that would make the song very popular with people that are into hip hop and rock. If you are looking for a new song with a classic rock feeling, this is the song for you.


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