• Gio Battaglia

Music Minute (2/13-2/20)

Presented by: Monica

This week, 8 years ago, the iconic Whitney Houston passed away. The legendary singer was one of the greatest vocalists and performers in the industry and saw the incredible success. Her impact and legacy will live on forever.

Justin Bieber releases his new album "Changes" this Friday. This album includes the #2 hit "Yummy" and "Get Me (feat. Kehlani)" as well as many other collaborations. Keep your eye out for an album review on 891thepoint.com

Billie Eilish stuns the Oscars crowd with her performance of "Yesterday" by The Beatles during the In Memoriam portion of the ceremony. This paid tribute to those who passed away such as Kirk Douglas, Gerry Lewis, and many other actors who left their mark on the world.

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