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McCrosson sends Brockport to SUNYAC Championship

By: Chamberlain Bauder

BROCKPORT, N.Y. --- The Brockport women’s soccer team topped the defending SUNYAC champion Geneseo Knights in a penalty shootout that ended 6-5 in the Golden Eagles favor. Elaine George scored the winning penalty shot after keeper Madeline McCrosson made a save on Abby Foster.

McCrosson after her penalty shootout save (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

“We talked a lot about PKs going into this and I told everyone my goal was just to make one save and they had to do the rest,” McCrosson said about the shootout. “I just did that one part and they finished out, it didn’t happen without Ellie’s goal.”

Brockport earned a two-goal lead just after the start of the second half, but it was short lived. The defending champs scored two minutes after Brockport and made it a tie game by the 75th minute. Geneseo dominated possession after their first goal but the Golden Eagles defensive line held on and kept the game level. McCrosson made 13 saves.

Brockport celebrating George's game winner (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

“There are some game’s where you’re gonna have lots of the ball and there are some games you’re not gonna have lots of the ball and this is one of them,” Brockport head coach Mike Idland said about his team’s lack of possession. “We talked to the team about this thing being much more about territory and picking and choosing moments.”

The Golden Eagles first moment came in only the sixth minute of play, Jaylah Cossin brought the ball to the edge of the box and played a short pass to freshman Amelia Breton. From the top of the 18-yard box she played a lateral pass to Karlie Mann who was wide open to drill a grounder into the far side corner.

Mann attempting to play a through ball (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

“It eases your mind for a little while but the game keeps going,” McCrosson said about her team’s early score. “Obviously they were able to come back so it’s not really about being at ease it’s just about staying calm and staying in there.”

McCrosson’s calm was her key to keeping composed for the full 110 minutes plus PKs. Neither team looked poised to score aside from the opening goal, much of the first half was played in the middle third of the field. It would not have been clear to an uninformed fan that this was a six seed against a two seed. If anything, Brockport looked like the underdog, their first goal was the Golden Eagle’s only shot of the first half.

Geneseo goalie Mollie Collins grabbing a corner kick (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

“As you watched them play through the year they are themselves it was just here or there balls weren’t going in the net.” Idland said about Geneseo being the six seed in the SUNYAC tournament. “I watched them live playing against Plattsburgh and they really opened it up against them, I don’t think there was any doubt what they’d bring to the game today.”

Lara Kanbur and Cousin in the first half (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

The Golden Eagles started off the second half in with the fire they needed. It was a scene Brockport has been all too familiar with as Cossin scored on a breakaway three minutes into the half.

“Kelly (Gentile) sent a ball right up, and we practice this a lot, I ran over and got the ball and went right to goal,” Cossin said about her second half score. “They can have possession the whole game, but it takes one shot to score a goal.”

Brockport celebrating Cossin's goal (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

Before Brockport could think about settling into a two goal lead the Knights possession finally boiled over into a goal. Lindsay Wright scored on a cross into the box after coming out of nowhere. She had McCrosson and the Brockport defense all out of position. The Golden Eagles were distraught but set right back into their defensive ways. They allowed the low percentage shots that McCrosson could get to and forced out possession when shooters got into dangerous areas.

The Second Geneseo goal was a gut punch, McCrosson lost the ball between her legs on a cross that she tried to intercept. It bled into the net with little to no velocity and tied the game for the Knights. There were 35 more minutes of deadlocked soccer. Much like the first half it was Geneseo dominated in possession, but the Golden eagles were calm cool and collected.

Megan Gerber trying to gain possession from three geneseo defenders (Photo credit/Chamberlain Bauder)

By the time overtime rolled around it was evident that Geneseo would score, or Brockport would have an opportunity in a penalty shootout. Geneseo had 13 shots in the final 35 minutes compared to Brockport’s three. The Golden Eagles went into the shootout with the warmer goalie and that proved to be the deciding factor. As Geneseo’s sixth shooter drove through the ball McCrosson guessed right and extended to the ball. She batted it away and folded over herself on the ground. George finished the job and sent Brockport into the SUNYAC Championships. They will face top seeded Cortland. Their regular season matchup was a 0-0 draw.

“What’s been characteristic of us through the year is being tough to score against and being stingy.” Idland said about the team heading to the championship. “I think we just try to bring a normal level of production on that side of the game to the final on Saturday and that should put us in good shape to compete to win that one.”

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