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In this session of COVID-19 Conversations, any sports fans in need of a Knighthawks update is in luck. Dan Carey, General manager for the Rochester Knighthawks joined us to talk about how the games that were played, although limited, were important to the development of a very young Knighthawks team. He also explained the working relationship between all of the teams under the Pegula Sports and Entertainment share.

As always with our COVID-19 Conversations if you are sitting at home looking for things to do to help the people trying to make the community run as smoothly and as "normal" as normal can be right now, go listen to any other COVID-19 Conversation at 891thepoint.com to give back to our community that gives us so much. Knighthawks fans looking for more information click either picture for more information on how the knighthawks have responded to the COVID-19 Crisis or to read team updates as well as find out how The NLL has responded to COVID-19.

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