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Kesha - High Road (Review)

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Hailey Gardner

It’s safe to assume we all know Kesha, whether we love her or hate her we know of her music. A lot of her old music is perfect for a night of partying with your girlfriends. However, upon listening to her new album “High Road” I must admit I was not impressed. The beats in these songs are very abstract and while it’s awesome she’s doing her own thing and not sticking to the “norm” It’s a bit to out there for my taste. The first time I listened to the album all the way through, I was not a fan. However, the second time I listened I kept in mind who Kesha was, and I realized this music does fit her style well. She has a unique sound and that is exactly what this album is: unique. The best song on the album is “Birthday Suit”, it's a fun song and the beat just makes you want to get up and dance! It has old school video game sounds, giving the beat of the song a nostalgic feel. The worst song by far is “BFF” (feat. Wrabel), this song has a really sweet message about two best friends, but the beats and rhythm overpower the lyrics. Also, the chorus doesn’t seem to fit well rhythmically with the rest of the song, and their voices don’t mesh well together. They definitely could have made a much better song with the same message. I definitely feel like Kesha was trying to show that she is more than just a party girl in this album. She stuck to her roots and had some great party songs on it, but she also had some slow, sad, and love songs. The design of her album makes sense and does fit her, but I do believe her voice is better suited for fun upbeat party songs to play in the club, rather than soft ballads. I entirely understand her wanting to branch out but I think she should stick to what works with her vocal style best. I would only regularly listen to a handful of the 15 songs on this album. 3/5

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