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Holley offense can't hang with Allegany Limestone

Holley, NY ---- The 8-Man football season kicked off in Holley on Saturday. The Hawks faced up against the Allegany Limestone Gators with the final score of 48-22, with the Gators coming out on top.

Sophomore running back Mat Burnett broke onto the scene with a two touchdown performance. He showed an elite ability to make defenders miss in space even with the 8-Man football teams having narrower fields in 2023.

Photo credit: Liam Hoffmann 89.1 The Point

Holley would have a good opening drive but it was fizzle out completely after Junior running back Hunter Smith would lose a fumble deep into Allegany Limestone territory.

Hunter Smith when asked about the offensive struggles said, "The biggest thing we need to work offensively is blocking, and we just need to work harder in practice."

Photo credit: Liam Hoffmann 89.1 The Point

Holley struggled in all three phases of the game and could never get the momentum on their side from the opening kick. Holley got off to a slow start allowing a touchdown by way of Senior Kevin Edwards-Hardy, who Allegany Limestone used at full back and tight end. He would add a receiving touchdown to his performance later in the game as well.

Holley's defense wasn't able to withstand the three headed monster of Senior quarterback Michael Frederick, along with Mat Burnett and Kevin Edwards-Hardy. The points came fast and plentiful as Allegany Limestone would go into half time with a 28-6 lead of Holley.

Holley head coach Wil Prince on the Gator's offense said, "They were very physical, and they had some big kids... It surprised me how big they were and how physical they played."

Photo credit: Liam Hoffmann 89.1 The Point

Holley would find the end zone late in the second quarter by way of quarterback Destin Kuyal. He would take a designed quarterback run in for a score late in the second quarter to give Holley a bit of confidence before half-time.

That glimmer of hope would be short lived however. Holley would be forced to punt on the opening drive and Allegany Limestone would take over and never look back.

Photo credit: Liam Hoffmann 89.1 The Point

The second half did see a star emerge for Holley. Hunter Smith would score two touchdowns including a monster carry where he didn't just fun through the Allegany Limestone defense, but his own blockers as well.

Wil Prince on the lack of balance between the pass and run said, "... We need to give Destin (Kuyal) time to throw. If we give him time he can find the receivers."

Photo credit: Liam Hoffmann 89.1 The Point

The second half played out very similarly to the first. Allegany Limestone would cruise to a comfortable 48-22 victory over Holley.

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