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Golden Eagles too tough for the Onetona Red Dragons

By: Liam Hoffmann

BROCKPORT, NY--- Following a loss Wednesday versus Oswego State, the Brockport Golden Eagles got back on track with a 1-0 victory over the Oneonta Red Dragons. It was a physical game throughout and the lone goal came early in the second half by Jaylah Cossin. Brockport had 13 shots in each half but effective play by Oneonta goalkeeper Bryanna Meehan kept the game close. Unfortunately for Oneonta, Brockport's offense lived on their side of the field.

Photo credit: Liam Hoffmann, 89.1 The Point

The defensive intensity was evident early and often. While Brockport held possession for much of the first half, the Red Dragons did not make things easy. Defender Kennady Amo was especially aggressive, applying pressure and draping over Brockport strikers. In spite of the tight defense, the Golden Eagles' had impressive offensive ball movement.

"[The Red Dragons] were definitely a very high intensity team and they were here to win, and they tried. I think we all worked well to just get those one and twos off the ball versus trying to do one on ones, and it broke them down really quick," Cossin said postgame.

Photo credit: Duncan Harbin, 89.1 The Point

Throughout the contest, Brockport looked to move the ball down the left side side of Oneonta's half of the field. Freshman midfielder Amelia Breton and Cossin each had six shots, with sophomore midfielder Megan Gerber accounting for five of her own. Meehan had 13 saves versus a single allowed goal. In contrast to the active Brockport offense, only two Red Dragons were able to get off any shots at all. Forward Brooke Matura finished with three of the team's four total.

Eight and a half minutes into the second half was when Cossin's goal came. She got behind the Oneonta defense and was able to push a shot from the right side over the head of Meehan and in for the score.

"I knew we just really needed a goal going into the second half just to get us hyped was a whole group effort behind it, a lot of connection and I just finished the ball for us," Cossin added.

Photo credit: Duncan Herbin, 89.1 The Point

Cossin has a large lead in goals scored amongst her team with 8. The offensive unit for Brockport communicated well and looked in sync. In contrast, there was some miscommunication and frustration from the Oneonta offense in the second half. After a passive offensive attack for most of the first half, Oneonta chose to bring many more bodies near Brockport's goal in the second. But, this led to players out of position and vocal frustration between Red Dragon offensive players.

Photo credit: Duncan Harbin, 89.1 The Point

Brockport's defense being as disruptive as it was only added to the frustration. Gerber as well as junior Kellie Gentile were aggressive around the ball making things tough. Oneonta tried to keep the ball outside of the middle group of defenders and work near the sidelines but the Golden Eagles would have none of that.

"We're very good at applying pressure and getting the team to cough the ball up and then create chances, and to me, that's our best rhythm," Brockport head coach Mike Idland noted after the game.

Photo credit: Duncan Harbin, 89.1 The Point

Oneonta struggled to put together quality shots late in the game and ultimately they fell. The Golden Eagles get back in the win column and next Wednesday will be back at A. Huntley Parker Jr. Field at 4pm to take on the Alfred Saxons. The Oneonta Red Dragons next contest will see them back at home playing Cortland next Wednesday at 4pm.

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