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Geneseo sweeps Brockport in double header

The Brockport Golden Eagles travel to Geneseo's home diamond, as Brockport would try to hang on for a spot in the SUNYAC playoff race. Brockport having a 2-10 record in the conference, would need to get at least one win against Geneseo to give their team a plausible chance, so there's a lot at stake for this game for Brockport.

Game 1:

Brockport's Fiona Gibiser (2-12) and Geneseo's Elizabeth Eberhardt (9-2) would be pitching this game.

After an uneventful first inning, the Knights would take advantage off Brockport's fielding errors, as Geneseo's Infielder, Brooke Fraas, would advance from second to third base on a Brockport error, then score a go ahead run thanks to an Olivia Fazio RBI.

Geneseo Catcher, Lauren Gulick would get an RBI single, as she would drive in Samantha Martz for Geneseo's second run.

After a Hannah Recine walk, Geneseo would have the bases loaded. With two outs, Geneseo Third Baseman Rebecca Schwartz would be walked and allow Lauren Gulick to walk in for another score, going up by 3 in the bottom of the second inning.

Brockport would have the chance to end the inning, though their infield would make two costly errors, and allow both Leah VanDerwarker and Hannah Recine to score unearned runs to put Geneseo up by five.

Brockport would finally get out of the inning off a Brooke Fraas pop fly to right field.

The next score wouldn't be until the bottom of the fourth, as VanDerwarker would get a double off a hit, and advance to third off another Brockport error, which set up a sacrificed fly out RBI by Rebecca Schwartz to allow Vanderwarker to score.

The rest of the game remained scoreless, as Geneseo would hold Brockport scoreless, as Geneseo's Pitcher, Elizabeth Eberhardt would only allow four total hits from Brockport all game.

Geneseo would make no fielding errors, while Brockport made three that game, which set up three of the runs scored that game.

Game 2:

Brockport's Roseland Stroh (3-6), Liana Beer (0-2) and Geneseo's Kaitlyn Schmitz (4-3) would be pitching in this game.

The second double header would be much more competitive between both teams for most of the game. Though Geneseo would get two runs early in the game.

First one by VanDerwarker scoring off a wild pitch by Stroh during the bottom of the first.

The second score would be by VanDerwarker again, as she would hit a deep ball down the middle, allowing Lauren Gulch to score off an RBI double from VanDerwarker.

Two more runs would come from Geneseo during the bottom of the fifth. As Kaitlyn Schmitz would ground out the Short Stop, but would allow Rebecca Schwartz to advance to second and VanDerwarker to score. After a bunt by Fans to advance Schwartz to third, Martz would get an RBI single, as Schwartz would score putting Geneseo up by 4.

After 12 innings, Brockport would get on the scoreboard, as Brockport Center Fielder, Kellie Gentile, would hit a deep ball down the middle, allowing herself to circle to third base. Two at-bats later, Jackie DuTot would get an RBI double, as she would hit a line drive down center field, allowing Gentile to score.

Though the game would end by mercy, as Geneseo would score five runs at the bottom of the sixth. Pinch hitter Tory Guary would get a triple with her at-bat, setting up herself with a run off an RBI single from another Pinch hitter, Anna Johnston.

Brockport Freshman Pitcher Liana Beer would be subbed in for Rosalind Stroh

Two at-bats later, Rebecca Schwartz doubled to center field, getting two RBIs, as both Pinch Runners Bella Nadzan and Hannah Olejnicza would score, as well as advancing VanDerwarker to third.

Another unearned run would be scored by VanDerwarker by another fielding error by Brockport.

The game would end with an Olivia Fazio RBI single, allowing Rebecca Schwartz to score the game winning run, ending with a 9-1 score.

Geneseo would only allow five hits and one run from Brockport.

Brockport allowed 10 hits and nine runs, two of them being unearned.

Brockport would demote to 5-23 overall, remaining last place in their conference with a 2-12 record. Geneseo would improve to 17-14-1 overall, moving up two sports in the conference standings with an 8-6 conference record.

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