• Gio Battaglia

Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia (Review)

Dua Lipa dominated 2017 with her Top 10 hit "New Rules," and took home two Grammy's for "Best New Artist" and "Best Dance Recording" and the world was not ready to put her away.

Lipa returned for her second era, releasing "Don't Start Now" on November 1st. This song was a sleeper hit, but Lipa and her team promoted the hell out of this 80s-reminiscent disco track to earn Lipa her first Top 2 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Lipa continued to impress fans and listeners with the release of her second-single, "Physical," which fans say is even more of a party than her previous first single.

Future Nostalgia was supposed to be released on April 3rd, but Lipa and her team were forced to push the release date up amid leaks of the album, but fans did not complain as they were eager to hear her sound and what she has been creating...

...and Lipa did not disappoint, with female anthems like "Boys Will Be Boys" and the personal favorite, "Hallucinate," Dua Lipa sets up an album that is upbeat and perfect for the summertime. The whole time I listened I was picturing myself at a pool party, having a popsicle, enjoying friend's company and dancing to the music.

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