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Defensive Masterclass in Brockport

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

BROCKPORT, N.Y. --- The Brockport Golden Eagles move to 6-3 following a 17-3 win over Morrisville State. It was a defensive effort that lead the way for both teams, the offenses were often stagnant throughout the game. Gino Fontanarosa lead the way in yard for Brockport, rushing 40 times for 125 yards and a touchdown. On defense it was a group effort as usual, 15 players had at least two total tackles, Raylens Boutin, Ben Damiani, and Ben Robinson led the team with six tackles a piece. Punter Dan Giangrasso was the true MVP of the day, punting seven times for an average of 44.6 yards per punt and notched his season long with an 82 yard bomb.

Photo Credit: Brockport Athletics

The game started out with three straight defensive stops. On Brockport's second drive the tempo started to pick up offensively, Fontanarosa rushed for 35 yards on the drive and the freshman connection of Chris McGuire and Myles Goddard made a crucial 18 yard third down play. It ended inside the five, Noah Panepinto made the chip shot field goal and gave the Golden Eagles the lead 3-0.

Morrisville strung together a couple first downs before eventually punting for a touchback. Brockport came out onto the field and on third down turned to Quarterback Todd Simonds, he threw an interception to Anai Brake who returned the ball to the two yard line. Brockport's defense stood on their head to keep The Mustangs out of the endzone and then a missed kick led to no points on the great field position. the Brockport offense came out stagnant once again and punted it away. It only took two plays when the defense came back out to flip possession again. Ben Marshall, who had two interceptions last week, brought in another one off an errant pass by Mustangs quarterback Steven Frerichs.

Photo Credit: Brockport Athletics

After the first half, Brockport Head Coach Jason Mangone was frustrated with his offenses ability to move down the field and was looking for answers in the locker room at half time. The third quarter started out as almost worst case scenario for The Golden Eagles though, a three and out turned into a punt off the backside of Demetri Swan and Morrisville got the ball on Brockport's 14 yard line, the defense did what was anticipated and brought about fourth down but this time Owen Cole put it through the uprights for a tied game. as the third quarter went on, expectations of a score started to dwindle, neither offense could keep up with the defense and it was punt after punt.

The fourth quarter started out with another lackluster drive from the Brockport offense, ending with a punt from Giangrasso that went for a season long 82 yards from his own 18 yard line. His next time out on the field was the break through for Brockport. A 57 yard muffed punt bounced into the end zone off the foot of Giangrasso, it was recovered by freshman receiver Will McCarthy for the first touchdown of the day.

Photo Credit: Brockport Athletics

On the next drive, Brockport's Defensive line showed their dominance. Second down was a quarterback hurry from freshman Gannon Johnston and third down was a 10 yard sack by Ryan Culhane. On fourth, Brockport's return unit brought the house and were able to cause a short and high punt that only net 14 yards. With that field position, Fontanarosa was able to capitalize on a two minute drive that brought the score to 17-3. Morrisville came out on offense with a certain fire, knowing they needed to air it out to stay in the game. Frerichs strung together two completions on the drive but was eventually intercepted on a deep ball attempt by Linebacker Kyle Haettich.

Photo Credit: Brockport Athletics

Brockport took the ball on offense with under two minutes to go. After a run and a fight that led to Linebacker Ernesto Mitchell being ejected from the game for throwing a punch, Brockport knelt out the remainder of the game and moved to 6-3 on the season. They will travel to Alfred University to take on The Saxons next week for their last regular season game of the year.

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