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Cal-Mum Girls Volleyball storm back for the win against The Keshequa Indians 3-2 in sets.

Caledonia, NY- Section V Girls Volleyball action was set for Monday,7:15 pm March 29th at 7:15pm as The Cal-Mum Girls Volleyball played The Keshequa Indians. It was Senior Night for The Cal-Mum Red Raiders. Caledonia-Mumford started to struggle in the first set as miscommunication and errors started to occur to give Keshequa the momentum. Early in the first set, Keshequa built a 6 point lead over their adversaries 16-10. Cal-Mum never gave up and tied the match at 6 off of the starting 4 points scored by Olivia Woodward's 1 ace, Mallie Devore's 2 aces, and Isabella Simon's ace. Keshequa and Cal-Mum continued to trade blows throughout the first set, but, at the end of the 1st set, the Keshequa Indians prevailed 26-24 to lead 1-0 in sets.

At the start of the 2nd set, The Cal-Mum Red Raiders came out firing on all cylinders as they were leading 2 but extended their lead to 5 points off of Maddie Devore's 3 aces. The Keshequa Indians kept fighting down by 5 to lead by 4, 22-18 late in the set. From 2 aces each by Maddie Devore later in the set and Haley Sherwood, Cal-Mum started to gain momentum and tied the game at 22. Blow after Blow, the Red-Raiders and Indians were fighting for the win, as it came down to match point for the Keshequa Indians putting pressure on the Red-Raiders. They won the second set to increase their lead to 2 sets to zero off an error by The Cal-Mum Red Raiders.

Back from Halftime, The Cal-Mum Red Raiders shot out of a cannon in the 3rd set with 3 aces by Maddie Devore and 2 aces by Mackenzie Stetzenmeyer. They started the set with 9 straight points to lead 10-1 early in the set. They began to increase their lead 15-3. They finished with senior star power in the 3rd set as The Cal-Mum Red Raiders rolled to a 25-14 win.

Down by 1 set going into the 4th set, it was do or die for the Red Raiders, Keshequa looking to stop the red raiders from increasing their momentum from their dominating performance in the 3rd set. Cal-Mum started off strong with a 4-1 lead early in the set. Senior star power reoccured again for Cal-Mum as Haley Sherwood had 3 aces in the 4th set with 2 aces by Mackenzie Stetzenmeyer and 1 each by Isabella Simon and Mallie Martin. Cal-Mum emotionally won the 4th set to go into the 5th set with emotional momentum 25-23.

Finally, in the 5th set, Keshequa started strong to surprise the Red-Raiders by scoring 6 straight off of back and forth points by both teams to begin the 5th set. Due to error and miscommunication with Cal-Mum and Keshequa later in the set, it began to become tight as each team traded points until the 16th point by Cal-Mum. From 16 all, Cal-Mum began to break the Keshequa Indians and take the momentum off of individualized errors made by the Keshequa Indians. Olivia Woodward started to heat back up with her senior teammates at her side with 2 spikes in a row to win the match for her team and improve their record to (2-1) on the season. Keshequa falls to (0-3).

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