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Brockport Cruises On Senior Night

By: Dylan O'Loughlin

Brockport, N.Y.- It was a chilly night at Brockport High School, but that did not prevent the Brockport Blue Devils from celebrating their Senior Night and defeating the Greece Odyssey Leopards in dominating fashion, 4-0.

Both teams standing for the National Anthem during Pregame Ceremonies (Dylan O'Loughlin/89.1 The Point)

It was a slow start, but about midway through the first half with 20:43 remaining, senior Ryan Eichas delivered a rocket to start the scoring for Brockport as he gave them a 1-0 lead. Then just five minutes later with 15:00 minutes remaining in the first half, Eichas got control of the ball again and sent another one into the goal increasing the lead to 2-0.

“It was great,” Eichas said. “Starting off the first half with two goals felt amazing, especially senior night and playing with the team. We communicated good, we played good, and our mentality was good. Played a very good game today.”

That was all the scoring in the first half, but it was a dominating first half for Brockport as they had possession for almost the entire half. They did not let off the gas after halftime either as two minutes into the second half junior William Hawken took control on the offensive end. He drilled a shot into the goal with 37:53 remaining, making the score 3-0. Less than 10 minutes later he scored again running the score to 4-0.

William Hawken (Left) and Brandt Marshall (Right) celebrating in front of the crowd after Hawken's second goal of the night. (Dylan O'Loughlin/89.1 The Point)

“So, we did switch up our lineup a little differently, we had three up top instead of two and that kind of changed the momentum,” Hawken said. “I think going into the second half we were able to get better opportunities than we would have with a different formation. We were all really positive tonight, which is very important.”

The Blue Devils never let off the gas in a dominating victory playing great on both sides of the ball. Even after having a tough season where they dropped six in a row, they were able to bounce back and get a dominant win right before sectional play begins.

“We play a very tough schedule, our division is brutal,” head coach Jeff Phillips said. “You play Mendon twice, you’re playing Sutherland twice, Athena, Arcadia, it gets you ready to play at the end of the season. We tried a couple of new things tonight in the second half, we tried going with a different formation in preparation for sectionals. And I was excited tonight that all my seniors got to step on the field and give us a good match on their final night.”

Both teams going after the ball during game time. (Dylan O'Loughlin/89.1 The Point)

The Greece Odyssey Leopards finish their regular season with a record of 3-13-0 while Brockport ends their season on a high note with a record of 7-8-1 and all the momentum a team could ask for heading into sectionals.

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