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Brockport Breakdown Part: 5

Updated: May 14

For Part 5 of Brockport Breakdown, our COVID-19 Conversations mini-series taking a look at Brockport Athletics and their response to the COVID-19 Crisis, we are joined by Brockport Men's Soccer Head Coach Gary LaPietra. Coach Lapietra expressed his gratitude to the people still working in hospitals and other essential businesses knowing it is only because they are still working that we have the potential for a normal summer and fall. Coach LaPietra also talked about the struggles of adapting to recruiting and staying in touch with his athletes over video calls and other digital means.

With the state starting to lift restrictions on social distancing and other barriers to the potential of having school and sports in the fall, there are still too many unanswered questions. However, as more questions are answered be sure to check back in with 89.1 The Point and our COVID-19 Conversations as we try to help answer your questions. As always with our COVID-19 Conversations if you are sitting at home looking for things to do to help the people trying to make the community run as smoothly and as "normal" as normal can be right now, go listen to any other COVID-19 Conversation at 891thepoint.com to give back to our community that gives us so much.

If you want to feed your need for more information on Brockport Men's Soccer click the picture above or for an update on Women's Soccer click the picture below. To stay up to date on our Brockport Breakdown series check back in tomorrow for our conversation with Golden Eagles Volleyball coach Steve Pike.

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