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Brockport Breakdown Part: 3

In Part 3 of Brockport Breakdown, our COVID-19 Conversations mini-series taking a look at Brockport Athletics and their response to the COVID-19 Crisis, we are joined by coach Brian Dickinson Head Coach for Brockport Men's Ice Hockey. Coach Dickinson was extremely candid on how there was minimal impact to the current hockey season for the Golden Eagles, but not being able to see his players on a daily basis has been hard. Coupled with the fact that Coach Dickinson is an avid fan of the sport he coaches, and with the loss of NHL hockey and even the change to watch other college teams continue on trying to win a national championship the COVID-19 Crisis has hit him close to home.

With hopes that sometime in the near future Hockey, or any sport will be starting back up giving sports fans something to look forward to. We cannot forget to stay safe as the country reopens, with the future still full of questions there is no real clue what the fall will bring and if we get over zealous we might do more harm than intended.

As more questions are answered be sure to check back in with 89.1 The Point and our COVID-19 Conversations as we try to help answer your questions. As always with our COVID-19 Conversations if you are sitting at home looking for things to do to help the people trying to make the community run as smoothly and as "normal" as normal can be right now, go listen to any other COVID-19 Conversation at 891thepoint.com to give back to our community that gives us so much.

If you want to feed your need for more information on Brockport Hockey click the picture above. For Golden Eagle fans looking for information on your favorite team, stay up-to-date with the next Part of Brockport Breakdown when we speak with Coach Idland from Brockport Women's Soccer and Coach LaPietra from Men's Soccer.

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