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Brockport Breakdown Part: 2

In Part Two of Brockport Breakdown, our COVID-19 Conversations mini-series taking a look at Brockport Athletics and their response to the COVID-19 Crisis. Today's Breakdown focuses on Brockport Football, we spoke with Head Football Coach Jason Mangone who was very open about how the COVID-19 Crisis has altered his approach to managing his team. Coach Mangone also talks about the issues of losing out on his team's non-traditional Spring season, used to install team plans and work on position based-skills.

For many of us, sitting at home waiting for the 15 of May, for society to open again to bring some sense of normal, we know normal will not be here until sports are back. However, with no real timetable on when that is, we look to the future and hope that the fall will bring the "normal" that sports fans are clamoring for.

As more questions are answered be sure to check back in with 89.1 The Point and our COVID-19 Conversations as we try to help answer your questions. As always with our COVID-19 Conversations if you are sitting at home looking for things to do to help the people trying to make the community run as smoothly and as "normal" as normal can be right now, go listen to any other COVID-19 Conversation at 891thepoint.com to give back to our community that gives us so much.

If you want to feed your need for more information on Brockport football click the picture above. For Golden Eagle fans looking for information on your favorite team, stay up-to-date with the next Part of Brockport Breakdown when tomorrow we sit down with Head Men's Ice Hockey Coach Brian Dickinson.

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