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Better - Zayn

Zayn just released a brand new single called "Better". This sultry song was something worth listening to. The softly strumming guitar in the beginning introduces Zayn's sweet voice and even sweeter lyrics.

As the song continues, the tempo is then led by the high hat and bass and enters into the chorus with lyrics stating "Why wait to hate / can we save love". In other verses he states “I fell in / I’m falling / I’m for you” and “I tell you / I love you”. All of his lyrics have a clear point of trying to convince someone to give him a second chance and to believe in and fight for the love that already exists in order to make the relationship better.

All in all, the entire song is the perfect song to listen to when you’re happy or sad because it describes a relationship that is working to be made better. This song of hope and love was a perfect addition to Zayn’s repertoire and would be a perfect song for anyone in the mood for something soft and sweet.


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