• Kesa Janes

Band Interview: Kids in America

This whole year was not what anybody expected, let alone our summer. Back in March, we were all optimistic that the COVID-19 pandemic would only last a couple months, we crossed our fingers that by May or so, cases would start declining and we could start getting back to business. Clearly, that did not happen, and here we are eight months into 2020 and cases around the country just keep going up.

When Kids in America wrote their single "Summer of Love" last year, they thought people would be listening to it during pool parties, BBQ's, and on road trips. Instead, most people are stuck listening to the song at home in quarantine, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

I recently sat down to talk to Curtis and Paul of Kids in America to talk about "Summer of Love", and learned a whole lot about the song's meanings and origins, how the guys almost decided to postpone its release indefinitely.

"Summer of Love" can be streamed on multiple platforms including YouTube, Spotify, and more.